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Top 10 Unforgettable River Destinations

When all the peaks are reached, all the places are visited, but you still hear the call of adventures, it's time to look at the rivers: big and small, stormy and calm, safe and impenetrable. Those who adore comfort will enjoy river cruises on the ships, no less fascinating than the sea or ocean ones. And the extremals can get another adrenaline dose with rafting or jet-boating on clean (or not) water. Explore a new world with our river cruise destinations top list!


Nile, Egypt

Ancient, powerful, fabled, legendary Nile is one of the longest river systems on the planet, a source of life for Egypt, Kenya, Sudan and other states of North Africa. The most exciting cruises start in the most southern Egyptian city of Aswan: wooden felluca boats with triangular sails deliver passengers to Kom Ombo and Edfu. You have to spend the night on the board of boats in sleeping bags or on the bank of the river in tents, which will be an excellent tuning fork for the adventure mood.


Amazon, South America

Amazon river is the world leader in the fullness and area of ​​the basin, competing with the Nile for the title of the longest watercourse of the Earth. The giant river permeates through Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. The most popular, comfortable and relatively safe routes lie between the Brazilian ports of Manaus and Belén and in the territory of Peru's reserve “Pacaya Samiria”. Everything here is a continuous exotic: in the heart of impenetrable jungles, inhabited by savage tribes, it's easy to feel like a pioneer who first saw the wild, primal nature, unusual animals and insects, of which the civilized world knows absolutely nothing.


Franklin, Australia

The Franklin River, flowing through the Franklin-Gordon-Wild-Rivers National Park in Tasmania, is a test for the most adventurous tourists. 125 km of clean, turbulent waters are ideal for rafting: a whole week the inflatable rafts rush past lush forests, impassable bushes, and swift waterfalls. If the endless thresholds, turns, pitfalls and trunks of fallen trees do not become an obstacle, tired and happy rafters finish this crazy ride on the shores of the much calmer Gordon River, where you can discuss all the experiences with other similar extremals.


Shotover, New Zealand

If rafting is not enough to quench the thirst for a thrill, welcome to New Zealand's Queenstown, or rather to the banks of the Shotover River. It is here where you can try jet-boating - extreme riding on high-speed boats, equipped with powerful engines and literally flying over the water. If you think that you know everything about high-speed driving, a big surprise is waiting for you!


Everglades, United States

Everglades is a giant reserve in the vastness of Florida, and a significant part of its area - and this is almost 6100 square meters - is covered with water. Scientists, researchers, and ordinary ecotourists come here to explore and travel to the picturesque wetlands, admire the lazy alligators, blue herons, manatees and other inhabitants of this fantastic place. By all means better than hanging out on a dating site sitting at your lovely desk.


Danube, Western Europe

It is a real pearl among other river trip destinations in Europe. The Danube is the longest river in the European Union and the second longest in Europe. Originating in the German mountains of the Black Forest, it crosses Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Romania and other states. The most popular cruise routes cover the three solemn capitals: Budapest, Bratislava, and Vienna. But there are other variations of places with an uncountable number of palaces, fortresses and other beauties. It is one of the most popular Viking river cruise destinations.


Yangtze, China

The next record holder on our list is the Yangtze, the most abundant and longest river in Eurasia. 6300 km, running through China, are difficult to swim over even in a month. Many-day tours give an opportunity to look at the most famous local sights: from the Great Wall of China to the Forbidden City and the Terracotta Army.


Salt River, Arizona

Speaking of salt river destinations, we can’t miss this place. If you are looking for some crazy adventures, we strongly recommend you to visit Salt River. You can choose the length of the adventure at your discretion - perhaps it will be a short trip for one day or you will feel the call of the river and go on an exciting trip for as long as 5 days. In any case, you will enjoy stunning landscapes and captivating struggle with the primitive, mighty element. Local people say it is much more interesting than exploring common Mississippi river destinations.


Kenneth - Avon, United Kingdom

Exploring the waterways of England on a rented barge is an unforgettable experience. Narrow maneuverable vessels easily maneuver, for example, along with the Kenneth-Avon Canal, connecting Bath in Somerset and Newbury County in Berkshire. A trip across the English Channel is even more exciting: chic cruise liners regularly run between Southampton and Le Havre.


Volga, Russia

In conclusion, we suggest that you get acquainted with the great Volga. Many tourists from the West like to travel on it because of unusual landscapes and the special atmosphere. Travelers will meet a string of cities with ancient history and original culture: Yaroslavl, Uglich, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Volgograd. There are bars, restaurants, swimming pools, spas and cinemas on modern ships so you won’t have time to get bored.